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Phrazle Game

Phrazle is a puzzle game where you have to guess a phrase made up of several words. Each time you guess, you'll get color-coded clues about the placement of letters in individual words and in the entire phrase. You have only six attempts to correctly guess the phrase. Playing Phrazle is the best way to improve your analytical skills and have fun!

How to play Phrazle?


At the beginning, you will see an empty grid. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter any letters you wish to use. Fill in all empty cells in a row to get a phrase.


Press the Enter button to submit your answer.


Use the colored hints that you will receive after each guess. Green tiles mean you have placed the correct letters in the correct places. If you see yellow tiles, this means that letters are used in the word, but they must be placed elsewhere. Purple tiles - letters are used in a phrase but must be placed in another word. If you see gray tiles, then these letters are not used anywhere in the phrase.


In this game, you have six attempts to find the correct phrase. Use valid words and all required spaces.


Make your first guess and keep training your analytical skills with Phrazle!